The indoor installation “Odissea” consists out of two wall works, South America and the green and homely isle of Föhr and an installation on the floor, representing the wandering line of the journey there where Atlantic and Pacific meet. All three enter into dialogue with each other.

The wall installation of South America is dominated by rich deep black hue and is the starting point for the ‘room ensemble’. The goal of Jürgens‘ historical journey, a captain who originates from the isle of Föhr, was the South American continent, which was with its bizarre coastline, its various climate zones and high mountains always difficult to grasp as one geographical space. It represents from the European perspective of earlier centuries all that was alien and unknown. The entire coastline is multifaceted, the rivers in the installation are abstractly alluded to by blue cords, an a landscape which is configured here with a substantive overlay of mesh and netting, and condensed by thick recycled material. In the distance it unfolds its power. Close up, the viewer’s sight gets lost in an inextricable labyrinth. Like a palimpsest, the layers build up on each other.


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Museum Kunst der Westküste, Alkersum, Föhr, 2018 , DE


Installation on the ground: 400×380 cm (13’ 1.48’’ x 12’5.6’’)

South Amerika: 400×280 cm (13’ 1.48’’ x 9’ 2.23’’)

Isle of Föhr: 160×120 cm (5’ 2.99’’ x 3’ 11.24’’)


Wire mesh, chords, tubes, painted ribbons