Peregrinazione – Meandering Line

The materialized course of the line of an odyssey around Cape Horn, documented in the log book of the ship, when it got into trouble and vagabonded for more than three month in the heavy sea, has now grown into an outdoor installation. On a 4×8 m (9’ 10.11’’x 26’ 2.9’’) ground wire and chords are stretched into different sized geometric grids. It supports a black aviary netting to which a blue plastic tube of 64 m (210 ft) is attached and directed by a true-to-scale wandering line, a line which Kessler translates consequently into a sculpture by lifting and rolling up the end part of the lineament. The „drawing“ gives the impression of rearing itself up in order to become many lines that whip up like waves. The lines seem to swirl around each other as if in an effort to defy their borders and then posses their own place within the space. The viewer feels called upon to follow the course of the line, which is extremely difficult since one’s sight becomes entangled, stops and continues to search. Direction and destination are lost.


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ArtePorte 2018, „Oltremare“, project exhibition in the antic harbour of Rome, Porto Flavio und Claudio, Fiumicino, Rome, IT


Ground grid 4×5 m (13’ 1.48’’ x 16’ 4.85’’) ; whole area with the tubes endings in the meadows 15×10 m ( 49’ 2.55’’ x 32’ 9.7 ‘’)


black aviary netting, 64 m (210 ft) blue plastic tube, chords, wire, thin iron rods