Love resurrects humanity


The wheel of the world turns because of love.

If there were no love, the world would be a sad place.

hove and: mysticism form the pure and everlasting spring which flows within all human beings.

This fact has been admitted many times in various languages by good and honest people throughout history. The behaviour of these people has meant they were able to reach the purity and beauty of love and mysticism.

Others have been unaware of this pure and vast ocean and sometimes have denied it.

As Hafez said:

“The friend has no cover, no veil on his face Shake off sham’s dust, if you seek his grace There is no barrier between the lover and beloved Hafez, you are your own barrier, move to the side”.

Mysticism considers God beloved of lovers. Only through this unique love does all other love find meaning. Therefore, it is quite natural that the Mystics spread love through all existence.

As Saadi said:

“l am happy on this earth that is happy about itself. < I am in love with that world which the whole world is, as its existence”.

Jami said:

“l will tell you a naked story about the friend.

Everything is from him and if you look well, he is everything.

His face is made of all the discovered grains of being. The barriers are all your own thoughts”.

Various forms of mysticism throughout history and among all tribes and nations have been dealing with questions of vanity and falsehood, inward lessons, and secrets and mysteries. These inward lessons and secrets have led them to create private societies, forming special social groups so that the secrets and mysteries of their teachings will not he used by those who have no understanding ol it.

Islamic mysticism also protects its secrets. Ore of the essential lessons of religious teachings is that revealing those, secrets is a sin and punishable.

Ainalghozat said:

“The reason for killing the lover is the result of revealing the secrets of the beloved.

Revealing the secrets of Sod is a sin and committing sin, after believing., is an apostasy punishable by death”.

Shabali said:

“The day that Hossein Mansoor was in trouble and once was one of the favoured, I asked God why that is the case. I received my answer that he revealed one of our secrets and he told it to everyone and that is why it has happened to him”.

Hafez also said:

“The friend who was crucified was incriminated, since God he claimed to be”.

And Rumi said:

“His lips are locked and many secrets in his heart. His lips are silent and his heart full of songs.

The mystics who have drunk from God’s cup Have known many secrets but covered it up Whoever was taught the secrets of God he was stamped and his lips were sewed”.

Based on any of these stories, God’s special creatures and his close friends are scattered under the sky and lost among other people. In the East, Halaj, Sahbali, Attar, Rumi, and Hafez and great Mystics from the West of different sects and religions appeared and tried to shine a bright light in front of the crowds to cut the darkness and lead the people to the vast and bright territory of love and knowledge. They are all from the same tribe and family, from the tribe of the sun, lightening and awakening!

Yes, the Mystics of the East and the West, they drink from the same source. Therefore, with calmness, and sincerity they should easily understand each other’s languages and they can live side by side without any quarrels.

The book you have in front of you is from one of these personalities, a great personality who during many years, with her works of installation, drawings, paintings, and books has always tried to be a messenger of the teaching of love and mysticism for all the humans throughout the world, for people from any school, religion, tribe, nationality, race, and for people of any color or language. These works and paintings are generated from the pure sources of Eastern mysticism that have been combined with the beauties, love of humanity, and purity of the West, providing for the expansion of calmness and relaxation in the West.

Susanne Kessler is an artist from the West who has had artistic exhibitions in Iran. She has been the messenger of love and of’ care for humanity. With the hope that she will always be successful and victorious in her humanistic efforts.


Text by Majid Karshenas Professor at the University of Isfahan, Iran, in the catalogue Susanne Kessler – Persian Diary at the occasion of the exhibition “Susanne Kessler – Evolution Room”, Taleghani Artist Forum, Tehran, IR, 2003