Dorothée Bauerle-Willert: Susanne Kessler – Oceans 2022

But the sea1 takes and gives memory   In Hölderlin's poem “Remembrance” the sea is portrayed as an inconceivable inconsistency of giving and taking with it’s risky, uncontrollable momentum. Through this mental picture, Hölderlin also illuminates the collective...

Vincenzo Mazzarella: Nine Meditations 2015

Vincenzo Mazzarella, Gallery owner in Rome, collectionist, Performance artist, friend of the artist, dedicates one of his last texts to Kessler, published in the book “Susanne Kessler – Framing space”, 2015.

Sarah Bliss: Jerusalem 2015

Text by Sarah Bliss for the exhibition “Susanne Kessler – Jerusalem“, American University Museum, The Katzen Art Center, Washington DC , 2015

Achille Bonito Oliva: Conversation 2015

A conversation between Achille Bonito Oliva and Susanne Kessler in the book „Susanne Kessler_Framing Space“, for the solo exhibition in the American University Museum/Katzen Art Center, Washington, DC, 2015.

Lisa Farrington: Susanne Kessler – Drawing space 2008

Text of Lisa Farrington, PH.D. for the catalog “Susanne Kessler_ Drawng space _­The New York Room”, 2008
Lisa Farrington, Ph.D. Founding Chair & Professor of Art & Music, City University of New York, John Jay College

Majid Karshenas: In the Name of God 2003

Text by Majid Karshenas Professor at the University of Isfahan, Iran, in the catalogue Susanne Kessler – Persian Diary at the occasion of the exhibition “Susanne Kessler – Evolution Room”, Taleghani Artist Forum, Tehran, IR, 2003