In her oceanic research, Susanne Kessler shapes and transforms seascapes, keeping their flow, movement and agitation present and alive. The sea, based on Karl Jaspers is a parable of freedom and transcendence, but you have to endure the fact that there is no solid ground anywhere, but that is precisely how our depths speak. In a limitless view, inner borders dissolve. Not only does the idea of ​​freedom become clearer, but also the responsibility that goes with it. There is an existential risk that is associated with freedom. At the same time, Susanne Kessler’s works address an always porous boundary; the complex tension between ethics and aesthetics, their connection but also their polarities and differences. Within the freedom captured by Susanne Kessler’s fantasies, images are created that set categorical divisions in motion, liquefy them, mark the imperfections in the understanding of modernism in its discovery of the world. Kessler collects the materials, the histories and the associated geographic issues of the sea, and uses them in for the active process of understanding and transformation. These objects do not arise from an objective or uninvolved observation. They emerge from a dangerous obligation and an insuring answer. We “two-legged land animals” cannot be indifferent to what happens to our natural environment. Susanne Kessler’s haunting visual reflections release complex meaning in the process of mapping the seas, making it a sensual experience that unites knowledge and discovery at the same time. It is as if in these pictural objects, Susanne Kessler ‘s Oceans, permanently mingle material flows with energetic flows. And it is this entwining that opens up a visionary perspective.
Extract from the catalogue text from Dorothee Bauerle-Willert “Susanne Kessler Oceans – But the Sea takes and gives memory”


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The installation Oceans consists of the series of “Marine Spaces” and the series of “Marine Maps”


Marine Spaces
12 circular reliefs
Dimensions: ø 80 cm, different depth


Marine Charts
18 embroideries on muslin fabric
Material: sewing silk on muslin fabric


Venue: Kunstverein Würzburg 2022, Kunstmuseum Bayreuth 2023


The installation


Painted book “Meere” (Seas)