„Water Shed“, 2019-20, mixed media, 98 pages each 32,5 x 20,5 cm , 49 double pages each 32,5 x 41 cm


Fig. p.3-4, p.5-6, p.11-12, p.23-24, p.31-32, p.73-74, p.77-78


This artist book “Water Shed” is a mixture of artistic diary and an archive for research, freely combining drawing, collage and painting on double pages, again on the given basic grid of an old office book. In August 2019, the artist wrote to the curator of the exhibition Off Shore (Veronika Mertens, Kunstmuseum Albstadt). “While dealing geographically with the Alb and the topic of the watershed, I came across very interesting possibilities in drawing, also in connection with my entire work Theme, meander, odyssey and the cascades of “Ritmo e Linea”. I’m going to start a new artist book with the theme of water.” The sculpture “3 Landscape Tears” developed from this book.


“3 Landscape Tears”