Three landscape tears
As in her earlier works, Susanne Kessler addresses water as the origin and lifeline. She goes to the sources of Eyach and Schmiecha, and follows the two rivers in the city, one of which flows into the North Sea via Neckar and Rhine, while the other over the Danube begins the journey east to the Black Sea. The line connects the source and mouth of a small, branched river from which a larger stream of water develops, flows through a lake and from mountain to valley. In the sculpture, the same line is framed three times in a teardrop shape. This abstract line of the water course is the lifeline of every landscape. To include it in a teardrop shape indicates among other the endangerment of the water system by construction and climate change
The European watershed is located near the city of Albstadt.
Extract of the text of the invite of Veronika Mertens


Dimensions: 340 x 220 x 10 cm each, stand 150 cm above ground
Exhibition: Off Shore, Kunstmuseum Albstadt, 2020
Venue: The sculpture is positioned close to the small river Schmiecha in the city center of Albstadt



Painted book “Water Shed”