The “Gold and Tar Project” is mutable. In its first version it seems like the fairy tale of Gold Mary and Pitch Mary, a golden cloud, a golden rain, a dream that contains the fortunate and the dark side in equal parts. Longing, ecstasy and crash, golden lines and webs are reflected in the black tar, black lines and drops of tar fall on golden coins.


Size: 5,50 x 4,60 x 3,50 m
Materials: painted canvas strips, cut-outs of drawings, wire mesh, innerspring of a matress, plastic discs, acrylics, ink, bitumen powder color.

Exhibition venues:

„Gold and Tar Project“, Exhibition Moneta, Frauenmuseum, Bonn 2011
„Gold and Tar Project“, Exhibition 9/11, Galleria Cortese e Lisanti, Rom 2011
„Gold and Tar Project“, Exhibition Ostrale, Dresden 2014
„Gold and Tar Project“, Ausstellung Macht Geld, Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin 2017

Exhibition Venues