A new metamorphosis of the Gold and Tar Projects happens 2017 in the Berlin in the exhibition ” money – power “: here the same materials, the golden painted and tarred ribbons as well as all drawings, the fine wire or fabric mesh, the glued together tar drops are distributed to two iron circles. The circular installations are built up in contrast: fragmented or overloaded with materials. Drawings, wire meshes, Cut Outs, cords are formed right into the new space, a method of approach which the former director of the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Raimund Stecker describes in this way: “Susanne Kessler plays permanently by reaching far and touching close, near- and distant, fact and illusion. The tangible gets lost in the non-conceivable and the non-conceivable becomes tangibly, the chaotic becomes cosmically, the disordered now and then rationally understandable, the actual optically a turmoil”.


Size: 5,50 x 4,60 x 3,50 m (16’404”x 13’123”x 9’842”ft.)
Materials: painted canvas strips, cut-outs of drawings, wire mesh, innerspring of a mattress, plastic discs, acrylics, ink, bitumen powder color
Venue: Galerie VBK Haus der Künstler, Berlin 2017
Exhibition: Macht Geld