Installation: Jacob’s Dream
Dimensions: 400 x 235 x 50 cm (variable)
Materials: wire, cord, fabric, thread
Group exhibition: Transvangarde: Free Style Cipher
Venue: October Gallery London, 2024


Susanne Kessler’s new installation “Jacob’s Dream” draws a graceful line in our gallery spaces (October Gallery London) as part of #Transvangarde Free Style Cipher. This imposing work consists of four wire ladders suspended from the ceiling, to which are attached fabrics embroidered with the intricate map of Jerusalem. Kessler’s fascination with maps is a quest to intertwine history with myths, bridging the past, present, and future. Her artistic exploration manifests always in a delicate dance of lines, weaving between a heavenly realm and a earthly tapestry of ‘knots’ symbolising both traditional and unconventional connections, cultural nuances, and intellectual intersections. With her unique approach to mapping, Kessler challenges conventional realities, offering a space for unbiased reflection and exploration. Her installations serve as poignant reminder of the fluidity of identity and the limitless potential for connection and understanding.