A Mark in the Sea

During her second stay as Artist in Residence on the isle of Föhr, Kessler realized an experiment with the help of the tides of the North Sea. Kessler brought in at low tide three chestnut logs, planted them deep into the mudflats about 100 m (328 ft) from the hem of the flood. Long hemp cords connect bamboo rods and a cork hose with a loop. At low tide the construction is streamlined by running water so that it extends four meters into the sea. At high tide it rises and swims on the water, is perceived as a small line in a rather stormy sea, shaped like a question mark. In the rhythm of the tides the construction strands, swims up and strands a new. It resisted even very stormy weather conditions.

about 70 centimetres in length and ten centimetres in diameter



The isle of Föhr, at the beach of Nieblum, Museum Kunst der Westküste, 2018

Measures and materials

All-over size of the construction: 400×700 cm (13’ 1.4’’x 22`11.59’’)

5 bamboo logs each 400x11cm (13` x 1.4’’), 3 chestnut logs each 70×10 cm (27.55‘’x 3.937‘’) 4 hemp cords each 400 cm, 3 cork hoses each 300×30 cm (9’ 10.11’’’ x 1.18’’)