Dimensions: 49’3” x 31‘2“ x 31’2”
Materials: 3 iron rings Ø 9’2”, 2 iron rings Ø 6’7”, 2 iron rings Ø 3’11”, ground mirror 31’2” x 31’2”, strips of canvas, wire lead, cord, cable nets, plastic netting, plastic tubes, muslin, fabric, acrylic paint, bitumen
Exhibition: DominoArt. Susanne Kessler. Mäander. 2014
Venue: Dominohaus, Reutlingen, DE


The sculpture “Mӓander”, was installed in the foyer – an ‘interior square’ covered by a glass roof – onto which all the floors of the building look.
In its individual components, the sculpture consists of an accumulation of drawings – in some places with an aggregation of linear elements – which, like outlines on a sheet, are arranged in space.
In areas of transition and connection like the upper parts of the foyer, the dense fabric appears to fade and evaporate like a sketch before emerging and inflating once more in a showier effect elsewhere. The sculpture-drawing was wrapped around seven rings; in the general swirling movement elements of breaching seem to take place: from above to the empty space below. The work is rhythmically articulated and the swirling motion towards the ground is interrupted by seven fractures.
The reflection of the mirror on the floor of the foyer appears to pull down the ‘river’ of drawings from the ceiling towards its infinite depth, intensifying the sensation of a vortex.
Top and bottom, in and out, become inverted with ensuing multiplication. The infinite amplification created by the reflection in the mirror jumbles up the levels of reality. Space is newly assimilated in the mirror. The site-specific installation was developed for the Dominohaus in Reutlingen and was dismantled after two months.