10 iron frames hang horizontally from the ceiling on wires at different heights. They float in space, terraced irregularly over an area of 7 x 7 m. The height can vary, here it is 3 m. On this movable steel ensemble are lied the wired drawings of “all the boundaries of this earth”.
The installation resonates with every breeze, by touching it or by walking by. The continents shift against each other like ice floes. In this horizontal position, the boundaries are no longer visible; in this suspended state, the “continents” have fallen into a precarious, unforeseeable state.
The exhibition “Undated,” in which the installation “Boundless” was the centre work, opened on February 13, 2022, 10 days before the start of war between Russia and Ukraine.


Dimensions: 10 iron frames in different formats, a total area of 700 x 700 cm H (here 300 cm) variable
Material: wire, tape, paper, yarn, netting

Exhibition: “Susanne Kessler – Undatiert (Dateless)”

Venue: 2022, Kunstverein Lippstadt


All photos by Eni Kellerhof