Ulysses in Cosenza – The Line of Ulysses

Originally I wanted to draw a line from Castello Svevo through the city to the river. I modified this idea with which I travelled to Cosenza when, during my morning explorations through the city, I found many places that particularly interested me in the modern parts of the city. I felt the urge to carry out oneminimal intervention every morning in a certain place, so that this intervention would temporarily change the rhythm of that place. I could only capture this photographically. The cord I needed was 10 m long. I patched it together myself out of wire, scraps of fabric and tape. I photographed every intervention of the cord from each side. My hikes without a map or GPS took me to places from which it became difficult to find my way back to where I lived. I often got completely lost.

Excerpt from the project description “Susanne Kessler, Artist in Residence, BoCs Art, Cosenza, 2017”


Venue: Cosenza 2017

Materials, measures: Interventions with a cord of 10 m length





Susanne Kessler: Ulysses in Cosenza