“Ritmo e Linea”, Orvieto  2010
Exhibition in the context of Umbria Jazz 2010
Chiostro di San Giovanni di Orvieto (cloisters of Saint John in Orvieto), Italy
Strips of canvas, mats of wire,
10,50 x 10,50 x 4m (32’81” x 32’81” x 13′)

Statement  “Ritmo e Linea”

The installation is to occupy the entire space of the Cloisters of San Johns (Orvieto) a space of 32.81 square feet. The installation flowers its way around the well (13 feet high), to finally join the portico columns.

Diverse strata of netting and grids are utilized to form a three-dimensional drawing  stretched over the courtyards floor, in parts rhythmic, in part arrhythmic, as well as fluid or with hurdles. Walking around the installation along the portico of the cloisters, one takes note of the various musical “tempi” of this structure:  allegro, allegro non troppo, andante, andante moderato, crescendo, furioso, poco crescendo, adagio, adagio assai.