Line Catcher

A large rope drawing 10 m high hangs between two pine trees at the ancient harbour of Rome (Porto Flavio), where the sea once washed onto the quay walls. It appears like a spontaneous ink drawing in the empty sky that would normally be full of contrails and surrounded by the noise of planes taking off from the nearby airport. Now, in times of the pandemic, the sky and the nature beneath is recovering, leaving the blue and clouds to the black drawing. The hanging net, like a native dream catcher, can now capture people’s thoughts and dreams, feeding on the past and reaching into the future, in this magical place of history, swaying gently in the warm breeze of September in the immediate vicinity close to the gigantic Leonardo da Vinci sculpture, who experiments with his ‘aerial screw’ in the same wind.

Excerpt from project description: Susanne Kessler. Line Catcher, 2021


Technique: ropes, wire, recycled materials, tar paint
Dimensions: 400 x 500 cm
Exhibition: ARTE Porto, 2021
Venue: Porto Flavio, ancient harbour of Rome

Photo by Alda Tanara